Building the Future

Augmented Reality in AEC

TThis article explores the upcoming technology of augmented reality—which "augments" physical reality with additional relevant content instead of replacing it altogether like in virtual reality—and its potential application in AEC by capturing the highlights of the "AR in Real Estate, Urban Design, and Construction"...

OneDesign: Blurring the lines between Architecture, Engineering and Contracting

This article by John Tobin, VP for Operations at EYP, explores the contrast between segmentation, and its alternative, specialization, and how it has played out in different industries, including construction. It examines how the construction industry, in particular, has become progressively segmented ...

High Speed Rail and BIM

This article explores the potential use of BIM on high-speed rail (HSR) projects, in the wake of the formal launch of California’s planned High Speed Rail initiative, and explores whether we can expect the use of BIM to significantly lower the cost of new HSR projects than those implemented in the pre-BIM era ...

Putting Point Clouds to Work: Then, Now, & Later

This article by Kevin Nelson, who works extensively with 3D laser scanning technology, uses real-world examples to show how capturing “snap-shots” of conditions before (pre-construction), during (construction), and after (post-construction) project phases can provide extremely useful scan data ...






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