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November 2013
Bentley's Year In Infrastructure 2013 Conference

October 2013
Comparison of Bentley ProjectWise and Autodesk Vault for AEC

September 2013
BIM in Mota-Engil, and the Latest AEC Technology Updates

August 2013
VDC in the Cloud and the New Version of Revit

July 2013
The AIA 2013 Expo and more on Building Materials in ArchiCAD 17

June 2013
ArchiCAD 17 and Newforma's New Model Viewer

May 2013
LOD Specification for BIM and the ProjectWise-Vault Survey

April 2013
The Disruptive Nature of BIM, Autodesk's 2014 AEC Portfolio, and Allplan 2013

March 2013
A Viewpoint from Paul Teicholz on Labor Productivity, and Tutorials on ArchiCAD and Revit 2014

February 2013
A New Tool for Visual Planning, and Additional AEC Technology Highlights

January 2013
Be Inspired Award Project Presentations, Lean Construction at DPR, and Rendering in Revit

December 2012
Survey on BIM and Collaboration Technology, and Autodesk University 2012

November 2012
BIM in Kuwait, Bentley's Be Inspired Conference, and BIM From Laser Scans

October 2012
Tips and Tricks on Revit and An Overview of Four Leading Books on BIM

September 2012
An Indepth Look at Bentley's Latest BIM Solution and the Latest AEC Tech Updates

Augusr 2012
Exploring the NBIMS and BIM Implementation in India

June 2012
The New Releases of Revit Architecture and ArchiCAD

May 2012
BIM Around the World, Collaboration in AEC, and the AIA 2012 Convention

April 2012
Autodesk’s 2013 Portfolio, the SmartGeometry 2012 Conference, and a New Viewpoint on BIM

March 2012
Review of Newforma's New PIM Solutions, A Viewpoint on BIM from the UK, and the New Materials User Interface in Revit 2013

February 2012
Analysis of ArchiCAD Vis-à-vis Revit, and the Latest AEC Technology Updates

January 2012
Lean Construction and BIM, and HOK's 2nd Annual BIM Awards

December 2011
Autodesk University 2011 and a Viewpoint Envisioning AR Labs

November 2011
The New Version of Solibri Model Checker and the National Precast BIM Standard 

October 2011
iPad Apps for Building Design and Construction

September 2011
AEC Technology Updates, and a Look at BIM for FM

August 2011
The Inaugural US Revit Technology Conference

July 2011
Design Freedom in ArchiCAD 15 and a Viewpoint from Graphisoft's CEO

June 2011
Cloud Computing in New Zealand, Revit Architecture 2012, and a Viewpoint from Arup

May 2011
AIA 2011 Convention: Thomas Friedman's Talk and AEC Technologies

April 2011
Autodesk's 2012 Product Portfolio

March 2011
More on the BIMForum Event and a Review of Vectorworks Architect 2011

February 2011
The AGC BIMForum Winter 2011 Event and Newforma's new BIM Integration

January 2011
The Economics of Cloud Computing and a Viewpoint on the Future of BIM

December 2010
Release of the BIM Evaluation Study Report

November 2010
The AIA TAP Conference, Process and Information Modeling, and Early Stage Energy Analysis

October 2010
First Look at Scia Engineer and the Highlights of Bentley's "Be Inspired" Event

September 2010
AutoCAD on the Mac and iPad, ArchiCAD 14, and the New Revit Server

August 2010
The New Release of Revit Architecture and a Viewpoint From Aconex

July 2010
Two Viewpoints, New Products at AIA, Revit Technology Conference, and Trelligence Affinity

June 2010
PIM and Document Management, and the 2010 AIA National Convention

May 2010
A Closer Look at Two BIM Applications, Tekla Structures 16 and IDEA 10

April 2010
Autodesk's AEC Technology Day and a Viewpoint on Collaboration

March 2010
Autodesk Launches its 2011 Design Software Portfolio

February 2010
Computing on the Cloud and a Review of Graphisoft's EcoDesigner

January 2010
AEC Exhibitor Highlights from Autodesk University 2009

December 2009
Autodesk University 2009: General Session and AEC Industry Keynotes

November 2009
More From the "Be Inspired" Event and Exploring Bentley Architecture V8i

October 2009
BIM Implementation at a UK Firm and Bentley's "BE Inspired" Event

September 2009
More Insights from DPR and the New Collaboration Technology of ArchiCAD 13

August 2009
Insights on Model Based Estimating from DPR Construction

July 2009
The New Interface and Conceptual Design Features in Revit Architecture 2010

June 2009
Sustainable Design Tools at AIA 2009, and Innovative and Immersive Design Technologies

May 2009
The AIA 2008 National Convention and Expo, and a Viewpoint on IPD

April 2009
The SmartGeometry Conference and a Viewpoint on the USACE's BIM Requirements

March 2009
Exploring an IPD Project and a Viewpoint by Graphisoft's new CEO

February 2009
Autodesk Launches its 2010 Design Software Portfolio

January 2009
The New Version of Photoshop and an Automated House Design Program

December 2008
Autodesk University 2008, and the New Version of Tekla Structures

November 2008
Bentley's V8i Launch and a Case Study of HOK

October 2008
The Concept of atomicBIM, More Product Reviews, and an SOM Viewpoint

September 2008
New Versions of Newforma Project Center and Autodesk Design Review

August 2008
Sustainable Design, and a Book Review of the "BIM Handbook"

July 2008
Autodesk and Bentley’s Unprecedented Interoperability Agreement

June 2008
The AIA TAP and Bentley's BE Conferences

May 2008
The AIA National Convention, and the Concept of Proto-Building

April 2008
Reviews Galore, and a Viewpoint from Paul Seletsky

March 2008
Exploring the Application of Optimization Technology in AEC

February 2008
Introducing AECbytes VendorHub: A Technology Resource Guide for AEC

January 2008
A Feature-Packed Start to 2008

December 2007
AECbytes Celebrates its Fourth Anniversary!

November 2007
First Look at Tekla Structures and Ecotect

October 2007
Results of the AECbytes Survey on "Top Criteria for BIM Solutions

September 2007
The BIM Awards, continued, and the new version of Revit Structure

August 2007
The Third Annual BIM Awards and a Look at Newforma Project Center

July 2007
AEC Technology Strategies 2007 Conference and the new Adobe Acrobat 3D

June 2007
The New Releases of Revit Architecture and ArchiCAD

May 2007
The AIA 2007 National Convention and Expo, and a Viewpoint by Neil Katz

April 2007
Two Brand New Products: Autodesk Impression and Photoshop Extended

March 2007
The New Google SketchUp 6, AutoCAD 2008, and a Viewpoint on Wikis

February 2007
Introducing the AECbytes Blog: A Forum for Your Comments

January 2007
An Eventful Start to 2007

December 2006
AECbytes Turns Three

November 2006
Exploring the Confluence of BIM and Building Performance

October 2006
Bentley's BIM Solutions, and the Contractor's Guide to BIM

September 2006
Autodesk Revit Structure 4, and the"Letterman Digital Arts Center" Story

August 2006
The BIM Awards, Part 2, and a Counter Viewpoint on BIM in Education

July 2006
BIM in Education, the BIM Awards, Revit Building 9, and ArchiCAD 10

June 2006
The AIA Conferences: TAP, Integrated Practice, and National Convention

May 2006
3D Components for BIM, Owners Using BIM, and Bentley's BE Conference

April 2006
A New Release from Autodesk and a New Product from Graphisoft

March 2006
Extending BIM into Construction, and A Viewpoint from Autodesk

February 2006
More on BIM, and a Look at the New Acrobat 3D

January 2006
New Year, New Look

December 2005
Introducing the "Tips and Tricks" Section

November 2005
AECbytes Celebrates its Second Anniversary

October 2005
Another Devastating Tragedy: The Earthquake in South Asia

September 2005
Hurricane Katrina and its Aftermath: How Can AEC Technology Help?

August 2005
buildingSMART: The New Name for IFC Interoperability

July 2005
Recovering from a Hard Drive Failure

June 2005
Introducting the "Building the Future" Series

May 2005
Conferences Galore: BE, AIA-TAP, and the AIA National Convention

April 2005
A Different Approach to Using IFCs for Interoperability

March 2005
AECbytes Subscriber List Crosses 2000 Mark

February 2005
More on TFC, form·Z 5.0, Burt Hill, and a Different Take on BIM

January 2005
A Tragic Start to the New Year

December 2004
AECbytes Turns One!

November 2004
The Inaugural Book Review, Revit 7, and Virtual Construction

October 2004
A Smorgasbord of Product Reviews

September 2004
In the News: Autodesk Architectural Studio, NIST, and ArchiCAD 9

August 2004
An Indian Summer

July 2004
AIA 2004 National Convention and Expo

June 2004
Six Month Anniversary Update and Survey May 2004 AECbytes Crosses 1000 Mark in Record Time

April 2004
An Inside Look at the IFC Building Model

March 2004
How Frank Gehry's Firm Uses Technology

February 2004
The Inaugural Product Review and Inaugural Feature

January 2004
The Inaugural AECbytes Viewpoints Article

December 2003
A Wonderful Start for AECbytes

November 2003
An Open Letter to Readers  

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