Technology Solutions for AEC Exhibited at Autodesk University 2015

This article provides an overview of several third-party AEC technology solutions that were on display in the Exhibit Hall at Autodesk University last month, including the versatile visualization and analysis tool, Fuzor; energy analysis tools such as Sefaira, IESVE, and ElumTools; the powerful stand-alone visualization ...

Automating Code Compliance in AEC

This article looks at why the process of getting building approvals from regulatory agencies remains very much a 2D process, with the building drawings still being checked manually for code compliance, when much of it could have been automated if a BIM model was being used. It explores the various automated ...

Autodesk AEC Summit: 2016 Release and Upcoming Products

This article captures the highlights of Autodesk's recently released 2016 AEC product family as well as some information Autodesk shared about upcoming products at a dedicated AEC media event, including a dramatic expansion of its BIM 360 cloud-based construction platform, a new Building Ops tool for ...

Midwest University

This article captures an overview of the sessions, classes, and exhibits at the recently concluded Midwest University, including identification of key AEC technology trends, exploration of gaming technologies for design coordination and review in construction, the use of drones for aerial capture and using that data ...















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