BIM and the CloudAECbytes Archived Article (February 4, 2010)

In this article, Chris France, CIO of Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, a 225 person firm located in Charlotte NC, describes how they built a private cloud that included their high performance graphics workstations. A private cloud differs from the public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services or Google by the fact that the cloud computing infrastructure and resources are controlled by the individual business that deploys it. Little’s cloud is the first AEC workstation cloud in production and is on track to reduce the firm’s workstation and laptop hardware expense by 67% ($2M) over the next 10 years. The article also describes many of the additional business benefits the firm has achieved through its workstation cloud approach and shares some of its implementation details.

About the Author

Chris France is the Regional President of Advance2000. He has specialized in Information Technology for over three decades. He started his career at IBM Federal Systems as a software and systems engineer and progressed to program manager of major DOD systems. From IBM, he traveled to Charlotte to work for Bank of America and then Wells Fargo where he led efforts to merge and consolidate the information technology of major bank and capital markets divisions. After working in the Fortune 100, Chris spent 11 years as the CIO at Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, a Charlotte-based design firm.

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