State of BIM Adoption and Outlook in India

This report by RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University and KPMG in India presents findings from research conducted in 2013–14 about how real estate and infrastructure developers, architects, engineers and contractors in India are adopting, implementing and deriving value from BIM. The study also reveals the benefits that can be derived by BIM users, challenges being faced by them and their expectations.


In addition to the research data in the report, several interviews exemplifying the breadth of BIM's application to solving real world business challenges are featured in this study. It also provides industry leader insights with a global perspective on BIM adoption.


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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. BIM—What is the Buzz all about?
  3. Why is BIM Important for the Indian Built Environment Sector
  4. Global Perspective on BIM
  5. - International Government-Led Initiatives
  6. Study of BIM Adoption in India
  7. Respondents’ Profile
  8. Key Findings of the Study
    - BIM Awareness, Usage and Capability
    - BIM Software Used in India
    - Key Advantages of BIM
    - Challenges and Barriers to BIM Implementation
    - Expectations of Industry Players
  9. Way Forward—Future of BIM in India


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