Leading PIM Company Energized for New Era

A Q & A with Brock Philp, CEO of Newforma

AECbytes Sponsored Article (November 1, 2017)

One of the AECO industries leading software companies, Manchester, New Hampshire-based Newforma pioneered the development of project information management (PIM) software. To date, more than 1,375 AECOs companies have used Newforma software on more than 2.5 million projects around the world. The company recently went through a change in leadership. We sat down with Philp to talk about the changes, the corporate culture, and the future of software development.  

Q:  How has Newforma’s recent restructuring changed the dynamic of the company?

Philp: Simply put, we’re going to continue to focus on the AECO industries. We are energized and excited about the future. I was very fortunate to inherit a lot of fantastic industry-focused professionals. My leadership philosophy has always been focused on customer-driven software development and the development of a corporate culture deeply rooted in customer care.  Therefore, a large part of our efforts over the last few months have focused on making sure every employee believes in and supports that culture and that our processes are aligned in a way that facilitates our ability to deliver world-class software and service to our clients.

Q: How will product development change under your leadership?

Philp: Our reinvigorated culture of customer care will drive our development roadmap. When I arrived at Newforma there was an immediate need to rebalance product development to refocus on our Newforma Project Center (NPC) enterprise software that serves a majority of our clients today while also continuing a fast-paced move to the cloud.  Newforma is facing the challenge and opportunity that every incumbent vertical market software is facing—not abandoning what clients use today while moving to the cloud at a quick enough pace. In principle, we look to the future while taking care of the present.

Q: Have your customer noticed the shift?

Philp: Yes, I have already received feedback from many of our customers who have clearly communicated how positive this change feels to them. Our team fields a lot of comments from our clients who have expressed that they have confidence in our leadership and appreciate the new refreshed direction of the company. I anticipate hearing feedback of this nature a lot more as we charge ahead and more good things continue to happen. 

We know we have a highly engaged and intelligent client community, many of whom attended our recent Newforma World 2017 event. Nearly half of our breakout sessions were facilitated by clients who were eager to share tips and discuss best practices. There was a plethora of learning opportunities and time allotted for networking with peers and Newforma experts staffing the event. More importantly, in an exit survey, 100% of respondents indicated they would like us to host future Newforma World events, which speaks to the value we provided during the event and the relevance of our technology in helping our customers design, build, own and operate some of the most critical assets in the world. Given our customers open communication at Newforma World 2017, it was abundantly clear our customers want us to succeed.

Q:  What are your top priorities in the next year?

Philp: Continuing to enhance our culture of customer care, 2) delivering on our product road map which includes NPC and our fast-paced move to the cloud and 3) continuing on as a growth company, globally. We’re excited about the road ahead, and so are our customers.


Brock Philp is a longtime business-software executive with more than 15 years of experience leading a variety of industry-specific software companies including Doc.It, Iron Data/Versa Systems, and an operating group of publicly-traded Constellation Software (CSU).

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