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Testimonials from Readers

I wanted to write and say thank you for your website. My favorite part of your site is the reviews. You provide informative, concise, non-biased reviews of a variety of design software. You have been consistent with this ever since I've discovered your website about 6 years ago. 

Within the past year I have started teaching AutoCAD & Revit classes on a part time basis at a local technical college. I share and refer to your site as a excellent source to find out all about BIM beyond the vendor information. I want you to know that you are part of inspiring young people entering into the AEC field!

David Steer, CAD Administrator, Engineering Design Systems Dept., NANA WorleyParsons, LLC

I am a regular reader on AECbytes and you have created an amazing, relatively unbiased information portal that is relevant to the current trends in the AEC industry in North America and beyond.

Keep up the good work.

Al Douglas, A.D. Douglas Associates, Business Consultants, Kanata, ON Canada

Thank you and keep on the good work.  I find your information very helpful and truthful.  Most BIM information that is out there is from someone who is trying to sell something our push an agenda.

Chris Wilkins PE, LEED AP, Director of Engineering, Hallam ICS

Thank you for helping to change our industry!  It is sorely needed and Integrated Design will help. And thank you for helping to clarify the role of IFC’s with BIM technologies’. Love your articles by the way….

Wayne La France, AIA NCARB LEED AP, Partner, Lake Architectural

I very much enjoyed browsing AECbytes this afternoon. It's an excellent site, well-designed with meaningful content. Thought I would pass this along. Thanks for your efforts.

Roger Anderson, CEO, Network Digicality

I read your newsletters as soon as they are released, and always really enjoy it. I was at AU this year, but somehow your synopsis managed to capture items I missed seeing (probably because I was at so many Revit sessions!) so I wanted to thank you for your diligence.

I think over the years your newsletter has grown into a fantastic source of knowledge on BIM, and really is helping to sustain momentum on this movement. I look to it as one of the best sources of objective and in-depth information on the variety of BIM solutions that are available on the market. I learn so much, and frequently refer my colleagues to your articles on IFC's, BIM add-ons, major industry events. etc.

Thanks for all your efforts.

John Tobin, Architect, LEED tm AP, Einhorn Yaffee Prescott, Architecture & Engineering, P.C.

I have been meaning to write for some time to thank you for your wonderful newsletter.

I made the change to BIM over the last three years and have had great success using Autodesk Revit. Your most recent communication (AIA 2006 National Convention and Expo) was very informative as we are looking to upgrade to Revit 9 this week and l will read your upcoming review with great interest.

Best wishes to you,

Adam M. Paul, DDes, MRAIC, Whistler, B.C.

I worked with Lachmi Khemlani for almost three years during my editorship of CADENCE magazine. I first approached her to ask her to author our biweekly AEC newsletters. She quickly showed the edit staff and me that she could cover the AEC industry comprehensively and in a timely manner. Such was her obvious expertise, that we soon asked Lachmi to write product reviews of AEC-related software and feature-length industry overviews. Her knowledge of the industry is impeccable and her writing style is intelligent and imminently readable. Lachmi quickly became an A-list author for CADENCE, and now that she is striking out on her own with AECbytes, I am sure she will continue her high quality, valuable work on behalf of the entire AEC computer-aided design community.

Arnie Williams, former Editor in Chief of CADENCE


I have been in awe of your writing for Cadence. In my opinion, you are one of the most intelligent contemporary thinkers on directions in architecture and cad. I would love you to be on the panel. (This was a invitation to participate in a panel discussion on 'Future Strategies for CAD Software Implementation' organized by the eBig-CAD SIG in Oakland, CA on Nov 8, 2003.)

Dale Kopp, eBig CAD SIG Chair

Dr. Khemlani,

While doing a search in Google for architectural software I came across your article published for Cadence Web (Architectural CAD: A Look Across the Spectrum, Jan 2002 cover story). The article described many programs available to architects and their various functions within the field. As a student of architecture and a very savvy computer user (I've been a computer professional for the past 18 years and am in the process of a career change) the article was a gold mine of information. The article has already steered me into looking at other programs besides the one I'm currently learning (Archicad) and it will allow me to venture into other areas of software use that I didn't realize were available.

Many thanks for taking the time to research the article and for providing links to the various vendors as well. The information in your article is probably the best resource for an architect student (and a practicing architect as well.)

Matthew Arntzen


First, let me say how much I appreciate your newsletters. By far you are the best source of information for charting our course technologically. Our firm is a small (15 employee) structural engineering consultant to primarily AEC (and occasionally facility management - manufacturing) clientele. I've been a firm believer in having my ear to the ground ever since I graduated from the drafting board back in 1989. Our industry has certainly changed, and is in constant change. I highly value your studies on what our future holds in this sector.

Thanks again for the great work - nobody is covering this niche market like you are!

Ronald A. Powell

(This message was sent to Cadalyst and copied to me after the Cadence acquisition was announced.)

Hallo! I'm a young italian architect. I teach and research at the Genoa Architecture University.

I've been a Cadence reader for many years and I've never appreciated anything as much as I appreciate the AEC Tech Newsletter written by Lachmi Khemlani: it is an inestimable resource for the AEC community, a meeting point of professionalism and culture thanks to Lachmi's ability to look at the AEC world as a whole and to describe its ongoing transformations in detail. I hope the Advanstar acquisition will consider Lachmi's AEC Tech Newsletter as a valuable resource that must keep going.

Thanks for your great job!

arch. Andrea Vian

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