Energy/Lighting/Performance Analysis

Lighting Analysts, Inc.


Calculate and visualize lighting results inside Revit with ElumTools™. ElumTools leverages Revit content such as geometry, material properties and light sources to calculate point-by-point illuminance on any surface or workplane. An interactive visualization provides details of each illuminated scene. You will love the incredibly easy workflow!


Sefaira Architecture & Sefaira Systems

Sefaira is a cloud-based sustainability analysis tool built for the early stages of design. Sefaira provides rapid feedback on whole-building energy and water use, carbon emissions, utility costs, renewable energy potential and HVAC sizing. Users can parametrically explore designs, simultaneously analyze multiple concepts, and directly analyze SketchUp and Revit models.

IES Ltd.

Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES)

IES's <Virtual Environment> performance analysis software enables green building design. Test design alternatives, identify best passive solar principles, compare high-performance technologies and draw conclusions on energy use, CO2 emissions, occupant comfort and LEED compliance. Our direct link to Autodesk Revit integrates these capabilities into BIM. Use yourself or employ IES Consulting.

4M S.A.


FINE4Rate is a BIM graphical interface to energy rating engines. "FINE4Rate AU" launched by 4M Australia, is a customised BIM application which provides the BIM power to the benchmark software for house energy rating in Australia(supported by CSIRO and the Australian Government Department of Climate Change). FINE4Rate works together with the NatHERS thermal comfort modelling environment, to support all the Energy Assessors who are users of the AccuRate Sustainability Software.

4M S.A.


FineGREEN provides advanced modelling capabilities in an easy-to-use BIM interface, combining the Acad-like functionality with the DWG & IFC full compatibility. The program uses as its simulation engine “EnergyPlus” (the U.S. DOE building energy simulation program) to ensure powerful simulation capabilities and calculation accuracy. FineGREEN's friendly BIM interface powered by the EnergyPlus engine, allow the easy determination of the best energy-efficient building design solutions from initial concept through project completion.