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Vendor Highlights

New Video Case Study: Hear how MNS Engineers uses the EADOC Capital Project Management system for 24/7 access to all project documents and communications including RFIs, submittals, daily logs, change orders, and more.


MNS Engineers uses EADOC to coordinate entire project teams and client stakeholders with immediate access to project information from any location. Centralizing project data and communications increases collaboration and accountability, reduces the review time for RFIs and submittals, and allows the project team to minimize the time and expense of manually handling and tracking physical documents.


Twinmotion Case study: Pim van den Broek


See what a very creative Twinmotion user in The Netherlands has done using this revolutionary software.


Pim van den Broek used Twinmotion for the "Domela Nieuwenhuis" project in Amsterdam. This was a piece of wasteland where a church had stood and it was now being considered for development by the municipality. They were looking for a landmark which would revert to the old church, but in a modern design and with a modern function. The firm of Pim van den Broek that was commissioned for the project used Twinmotion because it enabled them to quickly produce a clear image of the concept, with. visualizations and animations that gave all parties a clear idea of the possibilities of the space. The process took only two days, from the first idea until the final renderings and animations.




The 'I' in BIM: Information is the most valuable part of BIM and ARCHICAD 20 helps designers to bring out the most of it!


Graphical Favorites: Brand new Graphical Favorites provide excellent visual feedback about saved element settings with automatically-generated, colored 2D or 3D thumbnail previews — available instantly for every Tool.


BIM Visualization: ARCHICAD 20 brings project visualization to the next level by updating the CineRender Engine and enabling more accurate handling of "free-form" (Non‐Uniform Rational Basis Splines) shapes.


Fresh look at BIM: The fully-refreshed user interface maximizes working area; the clean and modern tool and command icons look sharp. Tab-based navigation keeps you where the action is: right in front of you.


Tekla Warehouse


This is the free Tekla Structures BIM storage. Find, import, install, and share internally and globally. Produce high quality models efficiently.