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Twinmotion is Apple's choice for VR


Since the release of its macOS version at SIGGRAPH in July 2017, Twinmotion 2018's success continues to grow internationally.


Chosen by Apple to join the launch of its new iMac Pro, this latest version of Twinmotion demonstrates the new computer power thanks to unrivaled performances of real-time visualization, 3D immersion and immediate VR exploration. Unparalleled in its singular reinvention of the tools controlling space and time, Twinmotion, appearing now on 169 official Apple websites as a reference solution, sets virtual reality as a production reality in particular in the fields of Design and Architecture.


To locate the reference, please visit the iMac Pro page of your local Apple site. Scroll down to the section introducing Apple's new VR approach. Twinmotion is displayed among the most powerful professional design tools chosen by Apple.


IES Offers Exceptional Loads Analysis Capability for Building and HVAC Design

In response to industry feedback, IES have made a range of innovative updates to the loads and sizing capabilities within its IESVE software. Use these tools to:

  1. Generate accurate building, room, and system loads for building design engineering and HVAC equipment sizing using the ASHRAE Heat Balance Method
  2. Use 3D modeling of the building to provide powerful visualization for easy checking/editing of geometry and account for heat transfer between adjacent spaces 
  3. Speed up the process of assigning relevant information with readily customizable templates, resulting in a quick and easy workflow that reduces potential for error
  4. Take into account solar shading, thermal mass, and self-shading of the building to more accurately determine cooling loads for ‘right-sizing’ HVAC equipment
  5. Produce easy to read, standardized reports that provide a range of useful engineering checks, including cfm/sf and sf/ton
  6. Uncover opportunities for design optimization before and after defining the HVAC system.
  7. Continue seamlessly to annual energy simulation, perform advanced modeling of thermal conditions or integration of HVAC controls with natural ventilation or complete the entire workflow from geometry to LEED reports with IESVE’s integrated 90.1 PRM Navigator.

For more information visit:

New Video Case Study: Hear how GHD used ProjectWise Construction Management to reduce costs and streamline workflows in Ordot Dump closure project.


GHD estimates that they saved over $340,000 in change order costs through negotiations backed by the data in the ProjectWise Construction Management system (formerly known as EADOC). The GHD team also saved approximately 800 work hours in managing RFIs and submittals, and significantly increased efficiency for the entire project team.


Allplan Architecture: Raise your level


Allplan Architecture is the ultimate BIM solution for Architects providing complete creativity and project control. The software is tailored to produce detailed design drawings, enabling unparalleled information quality.


Be more successful:

  • Define physical and functional properties
  • Define physical and functional properties

  • Professional drawings and visualizations
  • Reliable and traceable quantities and costs

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FINE4Rate: the BIM power to the benchmark software for the house energy rating in Australia


4M has launched FINE4Rate, a customised BIM application which provides the BIM power to the benchmark software for house energy rating in Australia (supported by CSIRO and the Australian Government Department of Climate Change). FINE4Rate by 4M, the customized BIM application for the NatHERS thermal comfort modelling environment, brings the power and speed of BIM to all Energy Assessors, users of the AccuRate Sustainability Software. For further technical details see:


In addition, detailed training courses on FINE4Rate are provided by SmartRate in association with 4M Australia. SmartRate is one of the most experienced training centers in the country, specialized in the energy efficiency requirements of the Building Code of Australia.
(see at


ARCHICAD 22 – BIM inside and out!


GRAPHISOFT has announced the release of ARCHICAD 22, the latest version of its award-winning BIM software solution. ARCHICAD 22 improves the architectural design and documentation workflow for building façades. In addition, ARCHICAD 22 introduces significant improvements to its construction modeling, information management and 2D performance. "The most powerful thing about our new Façade Design workflow is that it covers the entire design workflow from concept through design development to documentation supporting local standards – all 100% BIM," said Peter Temesvari, Director of Product Management at GRAPHISOFT.


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Tekla Warehouse


This is the free Tekla Structures BIM storage. Find, import, install, and share internally and globally. Produce high quality models efficiently.