Got Macros? Scripting and Coding for BIMAECbytes Archived Article (May 22, 2014)

In this article, Karen Kensek, Assistant Professor in USC’s School of Architecture, advocates the writing and use of macros in AEC firms to improve the efficiency of BIM, which “out of the box” is not synchronized with the way firms work. Just as CAD was customized to capture decades of accumulated wisdom of workflows that made firms profitable and effective, BIM can also be customized to obtain similar benefits. Although the programming language and implementation may be different, the technical skills and work efficiencies that firms gained from scripts/macros in CAD carry over to BIM.

About the Author

Karen Kensek teaches at the University of Southern California, School of Architecture, in building information modeling and analytics including sustainable design and is actively trying to convince her students that coding is an essential skill for future architects. She has also hosted BIM symposia at USC since 2007 with sub-themes on education; sustainable design; construction and fabrication; analytical modeling and evidenced based design; BIM management, implementation, coordination, and evaluation; and the future of BIM, both from academic and professional viewpoints. She is eagerly anticipating the release of her two new books, Technical Design Series: Building Information Modeling (Routledge, May 2014) and Building Information Modeling: BIM in Current and Future Practice (Wiley, June 2014) with Douglas Noble.

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