The Ins and Outs of Digital Signing in AEC

This article advocates the use of digital signatures in AEC to replace the still prevalent paper-bound practice of applying signatures, seals, and stamps to documents. It summarizes the many benefits of going paperless, explains the technology behind digital signatures that makes them so secure, ...

Capturing Expert Knowledge in Design Coordination to Train Novice Designers

This Viewpoint article by Dr. Fernanda Leite of UT Austin describes the design coordination research of her group which is focused on investigating how to capture the tacit experiential knowledge of veteran practitioners in design coordination to train novice designers more effectively. It addresses the question ...

Got Macros? Scripting and Coding for BIM

In this article, Karen Kensek, Assistant Professor in USC's School of Architecture, advocates the writing and use of macros in AEC firms to improve the efficiency of BIM, which "out of the box" is not synchronized with the way firms work. Just as CAD was customized to capture decades of accumulated wisdom ...

Performance Based Design: Why Real-Time Feedback is Better Than Intuition

In this article, Ara Massey, Sustainable Design Manager at Slaterpaull Architects, describes how important it is for her to try and understand the impact of early stage design decisions on building performance when designing green buildings. In the absence of better methods, she had to rely on rules of thumb ...







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A Level of Development Specification for BIM Processes

Jim Bedrick, FAIA, LEED AP, Principal, AEC Process Engineering

May 16, 2013

Labor-Productivity Declines in the Construction Industry: Causes and Remedies

Paul Teicholz, Professor (Research) Emeritus, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Stanford University

March 14, 2013

3D Laser Scanning: As-Built Reality Capture for BIM

Scott Page, Founder, Scott Page Design

Nov 29, 2012

Getting a BIM Rap: Why Implementations Fail, and What You Can Do About It

Josh Oakley, Founder and Principal, ANGL Consulting
April 30, 2012

Beyond BIM – Building With Perfect Information

Ray Crotty, Founder, C3 Systems
March 15, 2013

Adopting Lean Practices in the Architectural/Engineering Industry

David Haynes, Director of Consulting, Ideate Inc.
Jan 18, 2012

The AR LAB: A Vision

Paul Seletsky, Digital Design Director, KieranTimberlake
Dec 7, 2011

Debunking the Myths About BIM in the “Cloud”

Viktor Várkonyi, CEO, Graphisoft
July 31, 2011

Would You Like Some Chilli Sauce With Your BIM?

Christopher Pynn and John Hainsworth, Arup

June 28, 2011

Message to the Project Management Software Industry: You need to learn ESPERANTO

Gustavo Lima, Principal, Cannon Design
March 29, 2011

Beyond BIM – It’s Not the End of the Road!

Robert Amor, University of Auckland, New Zealand, & Robert Owen, University of Salford, UK

Jan 20, 2011

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