VendorHub Participation

AECbytes VendorHub was launched with the objective of providing AEC professionals with a comprehensive "at-a-glance" listing of AEC technology solutions and services grouped into related categories. While a full listing of all solutions is provided on the main page for no charge, technology providers have the opportunity to participate in VendorHub for a nominal fee. (Also, your support helps to keep AECbytes running and is greatly appreciated!)

Cost and Benefits

AEC vendors can participate in AECbytes VendorHub for a nominal fee of $800 a year for one listing. Each additional listing costs $400 a year. (If the same listing is desired in multiple categories, it counts as multiple listings.) Also, one free listing is provided for every $5000 of advertising.

Participation in AECbytes VendorHub provides the following benefits:

  • Newslink to a recent press release or news item of the vendor in the "VendorHub News" section on the AECbytes Home Page, which is frequently updated to point to the latest information.

  • Inclusion of the newslink in the weekly/bi-weekly email broadcasts to AECbytes subscribers.

  • Inclusion of the newslink in VendorHub Intro page.

  • Listing a product or service in the appropriate VendorHub category, for example, BIM for Architecture and providing a link to it.

  • Providing a link to the product in the listing of all products on the VendorHub Index page.

About the Listings

Each listing includes the name of the product or service, the URL it needs to be hyperlinked to, a company logo, and a brief description not exceeding 100 words. You can select the category in which the listing will appear from among those that are listed in this document. If your product does not fit in any of the categories that are listed, please suggest an alternate category, and AECbytes will consider adding it to VendorHub.

To add your listing, simply send in the listing details (category, name, URL, and description). We will get your logo from your website.

Please note that listings appear on a "first-come first-served" basis rather than in alphabetical or any other order.

VendorHub Traffic Statistics

AECbytes VendorHub averages between 10,000 to 15,000 page views a month. For a single listing, the number of clicks on the link on the product listing page as well as the news link on the Home and VendorHub pages (which is also included in the regular email blasts) is between 1200 to 1500 a year.