Comparison of Bentley ProjectWise and Autodesk Vault for AEC

The objective of this research was to compare the applications, Bentley's ProjectWise and Autodesk's Vault, for data management and collaboration in AEC. The impetus was to respond to a number of readers who have written in over the years to find out if such a comparison exists. Rather than a detailed analysis of the individual features of ProjectWise and Vault, the report provides an overview of each in several key categories, enabling a high-level, at-a-glance comparison of the two applications.

Additional details about the report are provided below, followed by the download link.

Contents of the Report

The report focuses on understanding the reasons for the overwhelming popularity of ProjectWise over Vault, as evidenced by the recent AECbytes survey on the two applications, rather than a technical feature-to-feature comparison between them. It is a 3000 word, 8 page report that covers:

  • Overview of ProjectWise
  • Overview of Vault
  • Comparative Usage, based on AECbytes survey
  • Comparative Functionality, in categories including:
    • Deployment and Cost
    • Internal and External Collaboration
    • Integration with AEC Applications
    • Performance
    • Mobile Access
    • Viewers for drawing/model files
    • Printing and Publishing
  • Analysis and Conclusions

The report can be downloaded here.