Virtual Reality for Fun and Profit: Archicad to Twinmotion

In this article, Peter Twohy, founder and principal of 2e Architects, shows how the use of Virtual Reality created with Twinmotion can dramatically increase client satisfaction, as well as how to integrate the use of Twinmotion with the BIM workflow of Archicad.

Using ModelPort to Manage Manufacturer Objects in Archicad

Tom Simmons of ARCHVISTA Consulting shows how to use ModelPort to resolve problems such as file size, polygon count, layer management, and missing materials with models downloaded from manufacturer websites before using them in Archicad.

Revit 2022, with Civil 3D and Infraworks, for Civil and Site Design

This article provides an overview of the new options in Revit 2022 for civil, site, and landscape design, and how to use them with other Autodesk tools to produce high fidelity site models and collaborate with civil engineers.

What's New in Revit 2022

Autodesk has just released the 2022 version of Revit, and Revit expert Dan Stine returns to tell us about tapered walls, PDF export, IFC4 support, 3D grids, new model categories, improved people flow, rebar enhancements, API improvements, and many more features in this release.

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Managing Polygons and Object File Size in ARCHICAD

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Selected Earlier Articles

Extending BIM to Infrastructure

Extending BIM to Infrastructure

Now that BIM has conquered the building industry and is here to stay, this article explores the application of the same “information modeling” concept to infrastructure.

Sutter Medical Center Castro Valley

Sutter Medical Center Castro Valley: Case Study of an IPD Project

While IPD is still more of a goal than a reality for most of the AEC industry, there are a few ground-breaking projects that are already using this new collaboration and delivery method.

Eureka Tower

The Eureka Tower: A Case Study of Advanced BIM Implementation

Standing 92 stories tall with a total height of 300 meters (984 feet), the Eureka Tower located in Melbourne, Australia, is not only the tallest residential building in the world, it is also one of the largest projects to be designed using BIM.

Labor Productivity in Construction

Labor-Productivity Declines in the Construction Industry

Dr. Paul Teicholz, Professor (Research) Emeritus, of the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University explores the gradual decline of field productivity in the construction industry and its main causes.