Advertising: Introduction

There are several reasons for AEC techology vendors to consider advertising in AECbytes:

  • It is a well respected publication, noted for providing quality content that is helping the AEC industry move forward with technology.

  • The founder and editor has a Ph.D. in Architecture, focusing on computer applications, from UC Berkeley, bringing depth and critical analysis to the articles and reviews written on AECbytes.

  • It has very influential subscribers, including the CIOs and CTOs of the top AEC firms in the world.

  • It is one of the few technology publications that is focused exclusively on the AEC field.

  • All advertising is on a flat-rate basis rather than by impressions (CPM), so all articles (most of which are very detailed and are over 2000 words) are published on a single page instead of running across several pages to artificially boost the impression count.

  • Banners are fixed rather than rotated with other banners, and the pages are not crawling with ads all over.

Each month, AECbytes publishes three to four articles, which can be: Newsletters covering conferences and shows; Reviews of products; Feature articles profiling case studies of firms and projects that showcase the use of technology; Profiles of firms, projects, or people in the AEC technology industry; Viewpoint articles by industry executives; or Tips and Tricks articles on specific applications by experts. Occasionally, AECbytes also publishes research reports and white papers.

In addition to advertising, AECbytes also provides additional marketing opportunities including sponsored emails and sponsored articles, all of which are described in the Summary of Advertising Types page. More information about AECbytes traffic and subscribers is provided here.

For any additional information about advertising that is not covered in this media kit, please contact