Advertising: Traffic Statistics

A summary of AECbytes website traffic statistics, based on analysis of its monthly traffic logs, is given below:

  • Total Visitors Per Month: over 50,000

  • Total Unique Visitors Per Month: over 20,000

  • Total Monthly Page Views: over 100,000

  • Registered Subscribers: over 6,000

About the Subscribers

Since AECbytes was launched in November 2003, its subscriber list has been growing at a steady pace, and includes IT heads,and CAD and BIM managers of most of the top architectural firms in the US and in other countries all over the world. Over 100 countries are represented in the subscriber list. All the subscribers on this list are strictly opt-in -- they signed up themselves through the subscription form on AECbytes.

The subscriber count is currently about 6,000. The list is cleaned up regularly to remove email addresses that are no longer valid.