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Graphisoft's New BIMcloud

This article explores the functionality of Graphisoft's new BIMcloud service, which was launched towards the end of last month in Tokyo, Japan. It looks at how BIMcloud is different from the BIM Server technology that was introduced in 2009 in ArchiCAD 13 to better support model-based collaboration ...

Little Case Study - One Firm's Migration to the Cloud

In this article, Chris France, the author of many previous AECbytes articles on the implementation of the "cloud" in AEC, presents a detailed case study about the successes and challenges that Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, an international architecture and design firm, encountered on its ...

Revit 2015 - Enhanced Hidden Line Control and More

This tutorial looks at the main updates that are likely to affect everyday work in the just-released 2015 version of Revit, including a change related to the Revit user name and some view-related changes including Sketchy Lines, Anti-aliasing, Revit Hidden Lines control, and Revision clouds and tags.

AEC Technology Updates, Spring 2014

This article looks at recently developments in AEC technology, including the new version of Tekla Structures that has just been released; a new ColorByNumber plug-in for Revit; the ability of Sefaira to now perform daylighting analysis in addition to energy analysis; the launch of EcoDesigner STAR ...


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