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Designing for People report

Designing for People

The ultimate goal in AEC is to design good buildings that work well. While this has historically been accomplished with established rules of thumb, buildings are getting increasingly larger and more complex, making it difficult to rely on rules of thumb alone. Fortunately, we now have an increasing array of computational tools to design better buildings, including a tool for habitability analysis.

Foster + Partners

Technology at Foster + Partners

In this article, Han Shi, Head of BIM & Design Systems at Foster + Partners, describes how technology forms an integral part of the firm’s workflow, with several interdisciplinary groups at the practice involved in areas such as computational design, building physics, performance analysis, optimisation, fabrication, and interaction design, conducting state-of-the-art research and development.

Body Lawson Associates

Body Lawson Associates: Firm Profile

Body Lawson Associates (BLA) is a firm with architecture, interior design, planning, urban design and historic preservation capabilities. Over the past 25 years, BLA has delivered professional services that create sustainable buildings that blend into their context while elevating the sense of place. BLA shares its perspective on AEC technology in this Firm Profile.

Bridge Challenge

AASHTO National TRAC Bridge Challenge

This article captures the highlights of the National TRAC Bridge Challenge, an annual competition for students in 7th-12th grades organized by AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) that aims to introduce students to the professional world of transportation and civil engineering and inspire them to consider careers in these fields.

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From the Archives

Sutter Medical Center Castro Valley: Case Study of an IPD Project

While IPD is still more of a goal than a reality for most of the AEC industry, there are a few ground-breaking projects that are already using this new collaboration and delivery method. This case study explores one such project.

CORENET e-PlanCheck: Singapore's Automated Code Checking System

This article provides an overview of the CORENET project—an initiative that was launched in 1995 in Singapore to "propel the construction and real estate sector into the new millennium"—and takes an in-depth look at its automated code checking module, e-PlanCheck.

Labor-Productivity Declines in the Construction Industry: Causes and Remedies (Another Look)

In this article, Dr. Paul Teicholz takes another look to see what, if any, changes in labor productivity can be detected from the national statistics about the industry.

The IFC Building Model: A Look Under the Hood

A broad overview of the IFC model without delving too deeply into its technicalities, intended to provide a better understanding of it to the AEC practitioner interested in interoperability.