Nikken Sekkei: An AEC Technology Case Study from Japan

This article, originally published in 2014, looks at the AEC technologies implemented at Nikken Sekkei, a 2,400 person firm providing architecture, engineering, planning, and construction management services around the globe.

Integrating Construction Processes with Morpheus' Frameworks

This article explores Frameworks, an integration solution specifically developed for construction firms to integrate their project management, ERP, and CRM applications, along with its implementation by one of its users, Adolfson & Peterson Construction.

AI in AEC: An Introduction

The use of AI (artificial intelligence) in AEC applications is starting to see some traction. This article provides an overview of the technology underlying AI so we have a better understanding of it and then compiles what we have so far in terms of the use of AI in AEC.

LEGION and the Technology of Pedestrian Simulation

A key acquisition that Bentley recently acquired was LEGION for pedestrian simulation. Given that human behavior is far from predictable, how does this actually work? This article explores the technology in more detail.

Features from the AECbytes Archives

  • Extending BIM to Infrastructure
  • Now that BIM has conquered the building industry and is here to stay, this article explores the application of the same "information modeling" concept to infrastructure.
  • The "Internet of Things" in AEC
  • While the "Internet of Things" can be used to make buildings with smarter controls and sensors once they are built, and inhabited, can it also be applied in the design and construction phases?
  • Measuring BIM's Disruption: Understanding Value Networks of BIM/VDC In this article, John Tobin, Director of Architecture at EYP, shares his insights on how the two contrasting types of innovation, "sustaining" and "disruptive" — as popularized in the book, The Innovator's Dilemma — can be applied to the AEC technology industry.