Flood Forecasting Techno-logy

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and the devastation they have caused, this article explores the technology behind flood forecasting, which can help to predict areas of flooding before a hurricane actually hits, leading to better preparation. It also looks at how AEC technology can help.

Automated Code Compliance Updates

The updates in the nascent field of automated code compliance, including commercial solutions that range from simply digitizing the code-checking process to full-fledged BIM-enabled automated code-checking, as well as a research initiative that seems particularly promising.

Technology Toolkit for Sustainable Design at Orcutt Winslow Partnership

An indepth look at the sustainable design toolkit used by Orcutt Winslow Partnership (OWP) including ArchiCAD, Sefaira, Velux, Athena, and Climate Consultant, as well as interoperability, custom schedules, and the use of templates.

Selected Projects from Bentley's 2016 Be Inspired Awards

An overview of some of the most compelling projects that were nominated for Bentley's 2016 Be Inspired Awards in different infrastructure categories from around the world.

Features from the AECbytes Archives

  • Extending BIM to Infrastructure
  • Now that BIM has conquered the building industry and is here to stay, this article explores the application of the same "information modeling" concept to infrastructure.
  • The "Internet of Things" in AEC
  • While the "Internet of Things" can be used to make buildings with smarter controls and sensors once they are built, and inhabited, can it also be applied in the design and construction phases?
  • Measuring BIM's Disruption: Understanding Value Networks of BIM/VDC In this article, John Tobin, Director of Architecture at EYP, shares his insights on how the two contrasting types of innovation, "sustaining" and "disruptive" — as popularized in the book, The Innovator's Dilemma — can be applied to the AEC technology industry.