Tips and Tricks

Editing Plan Symbols for Imported ARCHICAD Objects

When objects are imported to ARCHICAD, the 2D plan symbol is automatically generated but can become messy with complicated forms. This tutorial by Tom Simmons of Archvista shows how the symbol can be edited in ARCHICAD or cleaned up with a third party tool called ModelPort.

What's New in Revit 2020?

Autodesk has just released the 2020 version of Revit, and Dan Stine, architect, author, and Revit expert, returns to tell us about the many new features in this release, including PDF import support, a new Path of Travel tool, SketchUp support, tweaks to the Materials Dialog UI, new advanced materials, several MEP-related improvements, and more.

ARCHICAD's Stair Tool

Link Ellis, the ARCHICAD Technical Director at BIM6x, describes how to work with ARCHICAD's new, rule-based, next-generation Stair tool, which extends architects' design creativity with automatic design validation against human ergonomics, offering the most optimal stair designs in the building context to choose from on the fly.

Modeling a Waffle Structure in Rhino and Grasshopper

Mark Loomis, Principal at MP Studio, shows how to use a Grasshopper script to model a waffle structure, using its algorithmic design capabilities to automate the process and allow parameters such as the spacing and the width of the ribs of the structure to be adjusted just by moving a number slider.

Tips and Tricks from the AECbytes Archives

  • Revit 2015 - Enhanced Hidden Line Control and More
  • This tutorial by Dan Stine looks at the main updates that are likely to affect everyday work in the just-released 2015 version of Revit, including a change related to the Revit user name and some view-related changes including Sketchy Lines, Anti-aliasing, Revit Hidden Lines control, and Revision clouds and tags.
  • Mobile Model and Document Review with BIMx Docs
  • This tutorial by ArchiCAD expert Tom Simmons provides a comprehensive overview of Graphisoft's BIMx Docs, an innovative "Hyper-model" technology that brings the full scope of Building Information Models into the dynamic touch screen environment of mobile devices, with integrated context-sensitive 2D and 3D building project navigation and smooth transitions that helps even non-professionals find their way in a full BIM project.
  • Using the Morph Tool to Create Custom Objects in ArchiCAD
  • Commonly viewed as Graphisoft's answer to SketchUp, the Morph Tool is a fairly new addition to ArchiCAD that can be used to create freeform elements. It is also a powerful early design tool for massing studies and for creating custom objects. This tutorial by Tom Simmons shows how it works and how it can be used to create a custom shape in ArchiCAD.
  • Assigning Information in ArchiCAD for Material Takeoffs
  • A Building Information Model is built on an integrated 3D database. This tutorial by ArchiCAD expert Tom Simmons examine ways that you can use this database to assign properties to building elements and generate a material takeoff in ArchiCAD.
  • Creating Panoramas in SketchUp and Pano2VR
  • Interactive panoramas are a compelling web technology that gives the viewer a better sense of space compared to any static photo. This tutorial by architect and author, Scott Onstott, shows how easy it is to create this type of interactive experience starting with either a 3D model or a panoramic photo using Garden Gnome Software's Pano2VR image converter for Windows/Mac/Linux.