Archicad rendering

Archicad 26

This review takes a detailed look at the features and enhancements in the new release of Archicad including easier attribute management, navigator research, improved visualization and graphic overrides, deeper integration with structural analysis tools, parametric object creation, and more.

Enscape rendering

Quick Tips for Creating Realistic Visualizations in Enscape

This article by Melos Azemi, creator of the Youtube channel “Scale,” provides five professional trips for taking the high-fidelity real-time renderings that Enscape creates to push things further and make the renderings the next best thing to reality.

DUET project

Digital Urban European Twins: The DUET Project

This article describes a promising initiative in the application of digital twin technology at the city level: the DUET project, which is focused on creating digital twins — i.e., virtual replicas — of cities in Europe to allow them to be better designed, operated, and managed.

Precast Girder Bridge

How to Easily Model Precast Girder Bridges

This article describes the recent updates to Allplan Bridge that enable it to easily model precast girder bridges, a special type of bridge whose geometry is only indirectly governed by the axis. With just one bridge model, an entire BIM-supported bridge design process can be carried out with this solution.

VendorHub News

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Selected Earlier Articles

Thornton Tomasetti

CORE Studio: AEC Technology Development at Thornton Tomasetti

This article explores the cutting-edge AEC technology applications developed by CORE Studio, a dedicated software development group at Thornton Tomasetti. The applications including Konstru, Swarm, Asterisk, Trace, and many more for design, analysis, collaboration and visualization.

Layer software

Layer: Capturing and Organizing Building Data

Layer is a new AEC application that was launched close to six months ago to address what seems to be an obvious need in the industry—organizing and integrating the vast amount of disparate data that is typically collected on site during the retrofit or construction of a building project.

Merdeka 118

Merdeka 118: Project Profile

Fender Katsalidis describes the implementation of AEC technology on the “Merdeka 118” project, a 118-storey, mega-tall skyscraper under construction in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Upon completion, it will become the tallest building in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, and the second-tallest building in the world.

Social Distance Modelling

Social Distance Modelling for COVID

This article questions why we still don’t have a smart building design tool which does not require us to painstakingly model every detail in our buildings, but can automatically create much of it from a conceptual sketch using a rule-based expert system.